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  • Rebecca Giese

Downloadable Planning Calendars

Hello Y'all!

Happy New Year's Eve! I don't know about you but I am excited for 2019. I have spent the last couple weeks planning and dream for 2019 and oh man this is going to be good. Before I started planning out my content for January I created a quick calendar to brainstorm but after polling on Instastory, I knew I needed to share these with you!

When brainstorming I love a blank paper, some sticky notes, and colored pens. I hate moving items around or scratching through things in my actual planner so I leave that for set-in-stone appointments. So to plan a month's worth of blog posts I decided to create these calendars. I use little Sticky Note tabs with blog ideas or campaigns on them and move them about on the schedule. I like visually seeing the layout of the month and the transition into the next month. It is really helpful as a lifestyle blogger because we can get a little unbalanced in our topics so seeing the color coded tabs on the calendar helps me realize what my content is lacking or if I have too many similar posts back to back. Now for me once I have brainstormed I input the calendar info into Asana and add the details for each post or project there.

If you aren't a blogger these calendars are great for anything, planning lesson plans, work projects or whatever you are passionate about!! Plus they are not dated so you can use them for years to come.

Click the image below or HERE for the free downloadable!

Blessings from Hartsville!


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