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  • Rebecca

DIY Pearl Jeans

Hello Y'all!

Oh, I love Spring fashion, the pastel colors, florals, and extra feminine details. Pearl detailing has been around for years but last Spring I started seeing pearl embellishments everywhere. Mainly with denim and jeans. I may be a little late to the party, but now that it is Spring again I wanted to try my hand at creating pearl jeans.

To save my current jeans from ruining, I went to Goodwill and found an old pair of high waisted Lee jeans. And went to the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby and found pearl beads of several sizes to see which will do best (for the style I was going for a medium size bead did great.) Once I sat down to the project I soon realized that this isn't a quick craft. Fair warning if you are inspired to try it yourself, this is a rainy day, movie marathon kind of work, when you have nothing to do but relax and sew on pearls for hours. But I do have to say, after hours of working, I do love how the jeans came out!

So you are interested in creating your own? Here is what you will need: old jeans (I suggest real thick denim with minimal stretch for easy sewing and distressing.), pearl beads, white or clear thread, needle, xacto knife, steel brush or sandpaper.

Try on the jeans and cuff to a length you desire. Make sure to cuff with only one fold, too many layers will be too chunky and difficult to sew. Once the cuff is at the length you want, mark the spot discreetly. Unfold the jeans and use the xacto knife to cut off the hem of the jean as the first step to creating the raw edge. Next, take a steel brush or sandpaper and rough up the edge to create a little more texture and soften the cut marks of the hem. Once you like the raw edge cuff the jeans again this time tack in place with your thread and needle along the seams.

Now it is time to get settled in to sew on all the pearls. Sew through the jeans (from the inside) lace on a pearl bead and sew back through the jeans. Continue doing this until you are finished. I worked in sections between the seams to make it easier and give a clean look. Don't worry about a pattern or lining up the pearls perfectly; they look better randomly scattered but semi-equally spaced. And several hours later and a season of Game of Thrones finished you too will have custom pearl jeans!

Blessings from Hartsville,


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