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Creating Branded Quizzes to Successfully Grow Your Email List

Hello Y'all!

One of my favorite and I would say "successful" blog projects of 2018 was my Which Southern City Matches Your Personal Style Quiz. As a blogger, I love creating content and product for your enjoyment and inspiration but at the end of the day to spread this little corner of the internet we need to do more than post a cute picture on Instagram. I had heard on multiple podcasts and by many others that you NEED an email list.

Imagine waking up tomorrow, Mark Zuckerburg decided to shut down Facebook and Instagram, and Google was hacked so you can't get on Youtube. How are you going to share your content OR your business? This applies to more than just my blogger friends. The only thing you can control is your list. Your email list. It may seem old school in an age of DMs and Instastory Swipe Ups but no matter how many followers you have... they aren't yours and you can't control the platform. If social media was gone how far is your brand reach? I started focusing on those thoughts in 2018 and wanted to create a marketing campaign for the blog as a test to gain subscribers while still creating on-brand content for my social media followers. Y'all a personality quiz is the way to go! I TRIPLED my email list in the first week of launching my quiz and continue to have people stumble upon the quiz from my website. Now this year I plan to launch a full content bimonthly newsletter for this exclusive list of subscribers! (More on that later this month.)

Now that I have your interest in creating a personality quiz here are a couple of tips I have from creating one myself and from when I researched the process. Make sure the theme of the quiz is on focus with your brand. You want to grab the attention of people that already follow you on social media and if they follow you then they most likely like the content you are creating so keep it consistent. For example, my brand is all about being inspired by a Southern state of mind so I did a personality quiz based on some different Southern cities.

Next, you will need to find a platform to create the quiz unless you are a coder (kudos if you are!) After playing and researching I went with Brand Quiz. They had the best pricing, contract AND most importantly super easy to use. Once I picked to use Brand Quiz all I had to do was create the quiz. Which can be a bit of an undertaking. Making sure all the answers match up and thinking of fun questions can be a bit tricky. But don't worry about needing to create a super long quiz everything I read said to do no more than 7 questions, 5-7 is ideal. You want the quiz long enough to intrigue the quiz taker to give their email for the results BUT not too long where they give up before finishing it. Also, the quiz should take under a minute to complete, I had good results with having some "pick an image" and standardly written answers. Mixing up the questions and the answer format helps keep them interested and having fun with the quiz.

Once you finish your questions and figured out all your answers you will need to link or rate each answer. You can use the old rating system, scoring a 1-10 equals X 11-20 equals y type of formula. BUT with Brand Quiz I was able to get rid of a math headache and I just linked each answer to a result so the more you pick of a particular theme the more likely you will get a certain personality result. Speaking of results, because they just gave you their email address make sure the results page is more than just the answer. Give a little paragraph detailing the personality result and make sure their results are sharable!! When sharing the quiz, I highly suggest creating a graphic to share on social media and talk about the quiz get people interested and talking about it. The more it spreads the more your email list will grow!

Brand Quiz If you are interested in using or just want to know more about email marketing general, send me an email or DM me! I love talking shop! AND sign up for Brand Quiz by clicking HERE and save %15 off your first purchase!

Blessings from Hartsville!

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