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Country Living County Fair Recap

Hello Ya'll,

A couple of weekends ago my mom and I drove up to Nashville to meet her best friend Debbie and my brother's fiancee, Meaghan for the Country Living County Fair. And oh my it was a blast! The County Fair has everything from main stage speakers, book signings to craft classes; not to mention all of the antique, interiors and craft vendors. You seriously could spend a whole weekend there just shopping let alone going to classes and events. I would know we spent all day Friday and Saturday there, and I mean all day from about 9 am to after 4 pm we were there. And if we didn't have to go back on Sunday, I am sure we could have found something new we had missed. I thought it would be fun to share with y'all some of the things we did and what we bought while at the Country Living Fair.

What we did

On Friday we spent most of the morning shopping and checking out all the different vendors. Meaghan and I, however, did slip away to learn about floral arranging from a florist on the kitchen stage. I was amazed, seriously never knew much went into the floral arrangements I envy on Instagram. Y'all florist are talented!

We also stumbled upon an array of food trucks and the Cousins Maine food truck caught our eye. Best lobster roll I have had since my last trip to New England and well worth it! Cousins Maine is a Nashville local truck so if you find yourself in the Nashville area find them.

Friday afternoon we had a craft class scheduled, a great break from all the shopping. During this class, Meaghan and I learned all about wood burning from Southern Bliss Designs and got to create our signs. Sorry I apparently didn't capture a picture oops. I did burn my hair just a wee bit while working, definitely not my usual comfort zone of markers and paints.

Then we work up Saturday and hit repeat! Starting the morning with the vendors and sections, we had missed on Friday. Then my mom and Debbie took a sign painting class while Meaghan and I explored the fairgrounds which included an old town settlement plus a goat. Then we sat in line for the Junk Gypsies book signing (my mom and Debbie are fans but had an overlapping class).

For lunch, we tried another food truck, but these time we checked out the Vietnamese food truck, and it was delicious! Saturday was super hot, so we took advantage of the shaded Mainstage and chairs for a bit and listened to the different speakers before heading to our afternoon class. Meaghan and I took a fun paint class where we learned how to create texture with a plastic card. And that ended our trip to the County Fair!

What we bought

So we bought a lot of different pieces, but I thought I would highlight some of the items I found extra impressive!

My Farmhouse frocks backpack - I am in love with this backpack! The size, leather, gold detail I could write a whole post about this company and this backpack.

Pulley Lights - My mom and Meaghan purchased these lights. The oversized bulbs with the old pulley give a cool industrial feel.

Dog treats - Because I can't come home empty-handed! Eloise loves the Southern Pawz treats.

Honey based bar soaps - I am trying to think more naturally with my products and loved the collection of soaps by Bee Lovely Botanicals.

Tips if you plan to go to one of the Country Living County Fair

So did I peak your interest in the County Fair? Country Living Magazine plans the County Fair in several host cities throughout the summer so make sure and see if there is one coming up near you! Well, here are my tips!

1. Buy Early Bird Tickets as soon as you can! The extra morning time is great to connect with vendors and enjoy the space before it gets crowded.

2. Bring a wagon or pull basket. Target sells the one we used. It will be your best friend.

3. Sign up for a craft class! It is only about 20 dollars a person and such a fun souvenir from the weekend.

4. Bring cash! Most vendors will add charging fees which adds up.

5. Wear sunscreen. I did not realize how much of the County Fair was outside and paid the price.

6. Make a plan for you and your group to make sure you see and do everything you want. Trust me the day goes by fast!

7. Wear walking shoes. No matter which location you are going to I know the whole fair is going to be huge!

That was such a fantastic experience and I hope some of you get to enjoy it as well. Thank you to my mom for the fun birthday weekend and to Debbie and Meaghan for adding to the laughs and memories. And also thank you to Meaghan for taking all the wonderful pictures!


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