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  • Rebecca

Cootie Keychains

Hello Y'all!

Remember back in elementary school, "circle, circle, dot, dot Now you have a cootie shot"? Well we are dealing with some serious cooties these days and many people have come up with creative solutions to avoid said "cooties". A couple of weeks back I was introduced to a keychain pattern that helped open doors and push-buttons. But all the ones I saw on Facebook and around the web were basic colors. If you know me I want something I am going to use to be functional AND cute.

Today we are launching our own set of Cootie Keychains in two patterns. Our watercolor blue and white striped pattern and saltwater fish. They are made with thick acrylic and the perfect size to fit in your pocket, or purse but still lightweight to keep on your key ring. The print is double sides so whichever way you look it is super cute. And the acrylic is durable to most cleaners. *Not tested in 100% bleach solutions. Regular all-purpose cleaner or Clorox wipes are perfect to disinfect the cooties.

Currently being sold on our website, at our Fleur De Lis space, and in Down South Sugar!

What we currently know the keychains can help with:

Open door handles

Turn on/off water faucets

Open Bathroom stalls

Push Keypad buttons at stores, ATMs etc

Push Elevator Buttons

Switch on/off lights

Know something else we can use it for? Comment below!


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