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Classic Date Night Outfit Guide

Hello, Y'all!

Is it just me or does anyone else use Valentine's Day as an excuse to get out their spring dresses a little early? I found it to be the perfect reason to pull out this Lilly Pulitzer shift dress I bought during the After Party Sale last summer, and I wanted to share with y'all my guide to the classic date night outfit. As a girl growing up in a Southern household, I learned the value of a well-fitted party dress and proper accessories. I loved looking at the old photos of my Memaw in the 1950s with gorgeous party dresses with coordinating bag and shoes, looking just like Jackie O. Even though the clothing styles evolved doesn't mean the principles have to.

Pick a dress that is.....

Tailored. A simple shift dress will look like a million bucks if it fits perfectly. Now that doesn't mean you should find a personal seamstress for every dress in your closet, but I would suggest investing in tailoring if it is for an extraordinary occasion or a staple dress in your wardrobe. And there are times you put on a dress that fits you like a glove and when you find a gem like that buy every color! Along with a properly fitted outfit making you feel like a million bucks it also helps you from making those oh so not ladylike adjustments throughout the evening.

Comfortable. There is a line between frumpy and comfortable that you have to be conscious of, but your outfit should be comfortable when doing everyday activities. Like sitting - you should be able to sit. I have been there. At past formals I would wear the dress that was perfect, but I could barely dance let alone relax, and that is no fun at all! I suggest moving around in the dressing room, sit, stand, do the Bernie to make sure it's a real winner.

Pick out shoes that are....

Easy to walk in. Now, this is different for everyone but find a heel or no heel that gives you the look of having pose. Looking like a wobbly baby giraffe to wear that one of a kind pair of Jimmy Choos may seem worth it but you will look like you are falling all night or if you are me you would be falling all night. Wear a pair of shoes that make you stand tall even if they don't make you taller.

Neutral. To complete a classic date night look you should leave the hot pink python at home and pick a neutral color. Every wardrobe should have a selection of nude colored shoes. From wedges and pumps to flats and loafers, a nude color goes with just about everything.

Pick out accessories that are...

Simple. For a timeless look, you can never go wrong with a set of pearl earrings (fake or real) and a dainty necklace or strand of pearls.

Coordinating. I barely ever plan my purse with my outfit, I just grab it and go but, for a special occasion, I like to pull out the box of vintage clutches and handbags to find the perfect match. It makes me look more put together than I am in real life.

Now as important as it is to dress in proper classic Southern fashion, the most important thing is to wear what makes you happy and makes you feel confident! These are my tips and nothing else! It is not the end-all of what you should or shouldn't wear but just educated suggestions for anyone that wants to step up their game or need a little inspiration for Valentine's Day.

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