• Rebecca

Behind the Scenes Christmas 2020: Southern Holiday Candle

You have no idea how excited I am to share that our popular Southern Holiday Candle is back again this year with a new and improved look!

Last year, I wanted a candle that represented Christmas in the South. Christmas down here means things are still blooming, and it is rarely snowing, so I wanted a candle that had a floral balance with traditional Christmas scents. I tested the ratios and the oils to see which combination we liked, and we ended up with a blend of a Christmas pine tree, Magnolia, and a hint of Vanilla Cotton. I also love the wooden wick because it adds another cozy element with the wood's crackling and scent. I am personally obsessed with it, but everyone I have shared it with loves the scent profile; even my dad, who is pretty particular about candles (he doesn't like food-smelling ones or anything too strong) likes it!

This year, we kept the scent profile but decided to make the candles ourselves and updated the packaging. I love the new ginger jar and magnolia garland label, and we went with a clear plastic box with a white and gold paper mix for safekeeping and easy gifting. It literally just needs a gift tag! I know where you can find a matching one ;), and it is ready to give to your cousin, best friend, or teacher!

The candles will be available in limited quantities, so get yours before they are gone!