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  • Rebecca

Beach Essentials

Hello Y'all!

I love going to the beach, but even as a little kid, I have always hated the process of packing up and wobbling through the sand, hands full of beach chairs, boogie boards, umbrellas, and everything else we felt like we needed to enjoy a day at the beach. Carrying everything down to the beach may not feel too annoying, but when everyone is tired and inevitably sunburned, it is such a burden at the end of the day. So in the past 25 years of beach going I have streamlined my beach needs to only the essentials.

My essentials are seriously just six items! First I always bring a sunhat for when I am just laying out. I have learned of the years that my hair part will burn and that is no good. Also, the wide brim keeps the sun off my face, and sun protection is a crucial component of my essentials list. I have several different hats, gotta match the outfit! Second is a high-quality sunscreen. I recently switched to the Rodan + Fields SPF 30. A quick spray sunscreen use to be my go-to but I hated the way it would dry out my skin and did not seem to last. I love how the Rodan + Fields sunscreen feels more like a moisturizer and doesn't make my skin dry or grimy.

Next item is, of course, a beach towel. I love a large beach towel that you can lay out on and have room to camp out on the beach all day. A bright color or pattern is excellent for a crowded beach day when you need to keep an eye on your area.

I always bring a large bottle of water or two when heading down to hang out in the sun. Have to stay hydrated! To keep the water cold, I carry a small cooler. Pro tip! If you leave the cooler dry (do not add any ice), it is also the perfect place to hold your personal belongings. So you don't have to carry a beach bag and a cooler! Lastly, I bring an easy to read and fun book!

When going to the beach, I have realized that simplicity is best. I don't need a fancy beach chair, large tents or anything. Just give me the beach, and I will be entertained all day!

Are you going to the beach soon? Tell me which one below!


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