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Renovation Update Days 1 -11

Hello Y'all

Over on Instagram, I shared a quick tour of what my new little place looks like... a giant mess. I thought it would be fun to document the process as we renovate and decorate 80% of the house in less than five weeks! We are doing my bedroom, guest room, small bathroom and attached hall, living room, back hall, and office. The kitchen and second bathroom/laundry will be part of Stage two after Christmas.

What I love about this house is the layout and original features like doors and windows - such a charming 1930s cottage. With the current design, which we are not changing (No walls will be knocked down!), the large front room will be converted to my office and studio space, and the room opposite will be the living room.

Who is ready for some before photos??

Day 1

We got the keys and went to work! My dad started assessing the small bathroom, which will be my private bathroom, as I laid out the brown paper on all the floors.

Day 2

Dad took up the floor in the small bathroom and started working on the plumbing. And he laid the subfloor. I continued covering the floors with brown paper and started taking the wallpaper down in the back hallway, as well as helping take off the last of the floor backing bathroom.

Day 3

Dad finished up the subfloor and started laying tile. With help from mom, I finished up the hall wallpaper.

Day 4

Dad finished tiling. I painted the bathroom cabinet pink, along with the open linen closet. And because I wasn't sick of wallpaper yet... I started on the private bathroom hall wallpaper. Dad also started fixing the creaks and patching the plaster throughout the house.

Day 5

Dad grouted the tile and did more plastering. And my mom and I finished up the wallpaper mess.

Day 6 - Day 8 While I was working and prepping for the Pop-Up shop, Dad did different tasks for the bathroom, sealing the floors, installing the cabinet, plumbing, trim, and probably more.

Day 9

Took the day off haha

Day 10

I primed the red guest room and started painting the 1st coat in the living room. I started painting and repurposing some lights for the house we found thrifting (picture in future post).

Day 11

Dad got the toilet working and fixed a couple of leaks, and I continued painting in the living room.

Once we finish a room, I will post all the colors, details, and where we got everything! Subscribe to continue to follow along!

Blessings from Hartsville,


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