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Local Spotlight September | Q&A with The Grumpy Pumpkin

Hello Y'all!

It is no secret that Autumn is a favorite of mine, and I may be a crazy pumpkin lady. Well, I have found the farm that has the most unique and gorgeous pumpkins right here in Darlington County, The Grumpy Pumpkin! For this month's local spotlight, I have the pleasure of sharing The Grumpy Pumpkin's Q&A answers, written by my friend Mary Shaw Whylie. Keep reading to find out how The Grumpy Pumpkin started, where to get your pumpkins and more!

The Grumpy Pumpkin is a Fall staple, tell us the history! How did The Grumpy Pumpkin come to be?

It began four years ago as a small one-acre pumpkin patch and has slowly grown since to meet the local demand. We wanted to grow a specialty crop to break us from the same old routine on our family farm.

Why the name The Grumpy Pumpkin?

Honestly, it was just a funny name that stuck!

Where can everyone get their pumpkins?

Everyone is welcome to come to the patch! We also deliver and have pop up sales throughout Darlington County. Visit our Instagram @the.grumpy.pumpkin or give us a call at 843-616-4049 to find out more!

Do you have a favorite pumpkin type?

There’s so many varieties and colors, it’s hard to pick just one! The Cinderella and Fairy pumpkins are fun to stack and arrange in different ways, but the New Moon pumpkins, the large white ones, are probably the most popular.

Are there any pumpkin-related recipes or crafts you have been dying to try?

The painted pumpkins are really pretty! There’s so many different designs and patterns that we haven’t tried yet. We love seeing the creative ways our customers decorate their pumpkins!

What are your top tips for decorating with pumpkins?

Spray them with a clear lacquer for preservation. The fairy pumpkins are actually a type of gourd so they last much longer than the traditional orange, carving pumpkins. A customer once told us that she left one on a table inside for a whole year! If you have a stack of three you can easily transition them into winter by painting them white and making a snowman.

What are some of your favorite places to shop, eat and play around town?

We love so much about Hartsville! All the business owners are so supportive. We love to have Brunch at the Midnight Rooster on Saturday’s and shop around at Coast on Carolina and Minnies!

How else can people support our local farmers, like The Grumpy Pumpkin?

It is important to be good stewards of the land around us. As the old saying goes, “They’re not making any more of it.” Sustainable practices will ensure that generations long after us will be able to enjoy the same ideals and lifestyles that family farmers have today. It’s also important to support those around you. Agriculture is the top industry in South Carolina with an estimated economic impact of $41.7 billion, yet the general public is still unaware of the many problems our farmers face every day. The cost to produce the crops that feed and clothe our community has steadily increased year after year, while annual farm income has steadily decreased over the past several years. Not only are our farmers suffering income loss due to decline in crop prices, we’ve had 3 major hurricanes in 4 years. If a farmer loses his or her crop, they can’t call a supplier to restock their inventory. They lose a year’s worth of income and must carry the debt of what it cost to get their crops to harvest, which can easily be in the hundreds of thousands. That’s what makes tragedies like the Griggs’ tobacco barn fire such a tough pill to swallow. Farmers put their heart, soul, money and time into their crops and facing such a significant loss takes years to overcome. Next time you put your cotton shirt on in the morning or enjoy the full feeling that comes after dinner, thank a farmer.

If you would like to help support the Grigg's family mentioned approve please make a donation via their GoFundMe page. Linked HERE

Blessings from Hartsville,

Photos provided by The Grumpy Pumpkin and their Facebook page.

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