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  • Rebecca

The Best White Jeans

Hello, Y'all,

Back in April, I went to the magical wonderland called Draper James and met the white jeans of my dream. I mentioned these jeans during my Draper James blog post, but I haven't given them the attention they deserve. Finding a quality pair of white jeans have been a wardrobe stressor for me for years. So many jeans are too thin that you might as well be wearing nothing. Or made of mystery fabrics that stretch out too fast and become frumpy.

But y'all the high waisted white jeans from Draper James are worth every penny. For being under $100, they are of such high quality with great attention to details I didn't even know I needed. The fabric is thick without stiffness and does not stretch out but also easy to move in. I told you they are magical! The front pockets are also unique to any jeans that I own because the lining is nude, so it doesn't show through the white jeans. Also, the pockets are slim, so you have a clean line and no pocket fabric showing through which helps create a slimming look. I usually wear my jeans cuffed (hello short friends) so the blue and white piping along the side of these jeans that is just icing on the cake. I don't remember the last time I have talked so much about one pair of jeans or any piece of clothing but y'all I am not over hyping them!


Blessings from Hartsville,

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