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  • Rebecca

Meet Teddy and Willow

Hello Y'all,

I am so excited to finally introduce to everyone Teddy and Willow the latest addition to the Giese family! Rewind to about two months ago, our family friend Amy announced the successful birth of a litter of Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies. We followed the puppies on Facebook since day one and started to fall in love. And several weeks later my mom and I decided that one in particular (Teddy) would be the perfect birthday surprise for my dad. And we kept it a surprise for about a month, but about two weeks ago Amy messaged my mom about Willow the tri-color. Willow is the runt of the litter, and we have a sweet spot for runts because Eloise is seriously the best dog and also the cutest. So Willow wasn't getting picked because of being smaller, so Amy asked us, and well we couldn't say no. (Yes we maybe corgi crazy!) Of course, we could keep Teddy a surprise, but when talk of two corgis coming home with us, we had to have a family meeting and discussed all the responsibility and changes. But even without the surprise factor, the excitement was still there, and we all loved sharing pictures of our future puppies to anyone that cared or didn't care haha. So last weekend my mom drove to meet her friends and pick up Teddy and Willow, and today they came home! They are both so sweet, and thanks to Amy, our friend, and breeder, they are already so well trained! We love them both so much already and can't wait for our corgi pack adventures.

I am sure you are reading this post to see cute pictures of Teddy and Willow, so here you go!

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