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  • Rebecca

Do It Yourself Trend Alert: Faux Succulent Gardens

Hello Y'all!

So yesterday I announced the opening of the Southern'spirations retail space and today I have another fun addition! As part of the goal to spark creativity, every season I will feature a home decor D.I.Y. project on the blog with a selection of items to do it yourself in the store!

For the first project, I did not have to look far; succulents are everywhere! Live plants are supposedly easy to keep, but I haven't had such luck, so I stick to the trusty faux ones. But succulent arrangements can be pricey, plus finding one with a perfect aesthetically pleasing garden container can be very difficult. So I went about making my own and let me tell you it is seriously a five minute craft!

What you need:

Container Succulents Floral Foam Moss sheets

*Moss sheets and Floral foam can be found in the floral section at Hobby Lobby or any major craft store*

Take the floral foam and cut it to fit within the container, I used a craft knife but any small knife would do. It does not have to be perfect but the closer the fit, the better. (See mine is far from perfect.) Then take the moss sheet and trace around the edge of the container. Once you have the shape, cut out the moss. Place the moss on top of the foam and tuck the excess under the lip of the container. If your container doesn't have a lip, I would suggest being extra careful when cutting it out, so you don't have any jagged edges. Next, stick the succulents in your desired arrangement and boom you have your very own custom succulent garden!

**If you are local to Hartsville, I have gathered up succulents ranging from $1 to $5 plus super cute containers at varies sizes to get you started! While supplies last!**

Blessings from Hartsville,

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