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Rethinking My Haircare Products | Formulate

Hello Y'all!

If you have been following since Southern'spirations was on Blogger, then you are the real OG, but also you would notice the many seasons my hair. From blonde to brunette and long to short in an endless cycle, years of dying my hair (thank you high school and college Rebecca) did nothing but make my hair dry and brittle. Since 2016 I have not dyed my hair, not even highlights and I have been cautious about the products I use and the amount of heat styling I do. My hair is curled or straightened maybe twice a week or meetings or photo sessions. Even with my cautious nature, I did not realize the additional and unnecessary chemicals that were in my products until recently. I have read several articles about the harmful chemicals found in most shampoos and conditioners; my mind was blown. Many have parabens which have been linked to an increase in breast cancer, or salts which can dry out and irritate your scalp.

So I started looking for a shampoo and conditioner combo that was healthier for my hair and my body, but many came up short either leaving my hair dull or flat. Then last month I was asked by Formulate to try their custom shampoo and conditioner. Before saying yes I asked for the details to make sure I was not only using a better product for myself but also sharing a better option for all of you. Formulate is paraben, sulfate, and salt-free. Plus for my animal lovers, it is cruelty-free. Once I heard that I was interested in trying it out and seeing what the custom beauty product trend was all about. And see if I could have the shiny and volumous hair without the questionable chemicals.

To start the quiz is very extensive, I have done forms for beauty mailing kit and things like that which ask for basically hair type and issues. But this went into the environment of your location and looked further than just having wavey medium thickness hair, which made me super curious! During the quiz, you can pick if you want and which fragrance you desire as well (I suggest none or ask which are natural oils so that you do not use synthetic fragrances.) It did take a couple of weeks and to give an honest review, the first set wasn't 100% great. It left a residue after my shower, and my hair didn't feel clean. BUT their customer service is fantastic! They spoke with the chemist and reformulated mine. Plus they have a convenient app where you can check your profile, share with friends and talk to their team. About a week later I had a full new set that I now love! My hair is super soft, and I can see where it is growing stronger and healthier. With my hair length, I use a little less the recommended amount of conditioner, but that is the only change I made. Once it is blown-out, my hair can last about three days with a little dry shampoo (I know I need to find a better one of those.)

I was super surprised by Formulate, and if you have issues finding the right shampoo and conditioner for you, I would suggest trying it. But more importantly, take a second and look at your products, double check the ingredients and consider a healthier alternative!

If you are interested in trying Formulate, then ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY for your first set free! All entries will get a $5 coupon sent to their email AND free shipping, so it is worth the entry!

Blessings from Hartsville!

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