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  • Rebecca

My Summer Beauty Must Haves

Hello, Y'all!

So this summer I have been making some moves to help beat the humidity and heat by changing up my beauty products. Earlier this summer I would wear a full face of makeup, do my hair and within seconds of walking outside my hair would be flat, and my face would feel like it was melting. Gross. Nothing fabulous or classy about it. So I started looking into my beauty regimen to see what I could change to fix this horrid feeling and have a fresh look.

First thing I wanted to correct was my flat hair, no matter how much dry shampoo was used, my hair would be flat in minutes. I turned to trust Instagram and fellow bloggers for products to try. That is when I came across the Pantene foam conditioner. This stuff isn't clickbait it actually works! My hair feels fresher and has more natural volume than before!

So once I could check hair issues off my list, I turned toward skincare and beauty. I realized with my skin type; I really need to let it breathe on a daily basis and to prevent breakouts I need to go makeup free more often. I started using a stronger toner twice a day to help contain my oiler T-zone and loving the Thayers Witch Hazel. And to fight the occasional breakout I gave the acne patches a try. Y'all. They are magic! They reduce the size and redness of the angriest white head. For the days I do wear makeup, I started using the Pacifica makeup removal wipes. They smell amazing and leave my skin feeling fresh but not dried out. At least once a week I have started using the Farm House Fresh Tapioca mask to hit the reset button on my skin.

With my skin issues under control, I seriously wear only my new Pixie Mascara, and Burts Bee tinted chapstick about six days of the week. I love the full but natural look of the mascara. A little mascara and a swipe of color on my lips and I feel ready for the day! Also leaving me time to sleep in or answer emails which is a plus.

Now, of course with the heat comes the potential of sweat and to smell not so fresh. I switched to a natural deodorant several months back but still wanted to add it to the list because I am shocked that it was able to stand up to the Alabama summers! I still feel fresh without the added Aluminum. If you are interested in learning why I switched leave a comment below, and I may make a full post on that. To feel fancy but on the go, I love my roll on Daisy perfume. Great for mini summer trips around the South and just a hint of fragrance in a full office space.

Even with my crazy work/life schedule, I feel the most energized and fresh this summer, and I think part of that is the amount of coffee I have been consuming and because of the changes, I have made to my beauty routine.

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