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  • Rebecca

Styling Sailor Pants

Hello Y'all,

If you have been around here for a while you know I am not the biggest fan of trendy styles and stick with the classics...for the most part. Well, way back in April or May, I can't honestly remember, I found an adorable pair of sailor buttoned skinny jeans from Loft. I have worn them a couple of times and will mostly get the most wear out of them this Fall because it is H O T, hot out! They have been tricky to style, you want to show off the button detail, but because they are a little on the high waisted side, it is tricky to figure out which top to wear. Mainly because I am on the shorter side of life, 5' 2", and heavy chested the wrong top can make me look bulky or even stubbier. I know I am not the only one that has this issue with high waisted pants or unique stylized jeans so I thought I would share my tips and tricks to styling this tricky item!

First, pick a shoe that is neutral and slim to continue the line of your leg and to help keep eyes from looking down. I went with a leather and silver point-toe flat. With a simple, classic shoe, people's eyes will gravitate upwards instead of down at a "loud" pump thus tricking the eye and elongating your legs.

Secondly, balance the pants with a solid color or a minimalist printed top. I selected a crisp white button down with small hot pink Swiss polka dots. To highlight the button detail, I tied the button down leaving it still very loose a flowy. I am all for tucking in tops, but with high waisted pants and my body type, it is a no-no. The tied top gives loose, flowy edges whereas tucking it in completely would cut my body into quadrants making me look stubby. Another way to highlight the jeans would have been to just French Tuck the front leaving the back and sides untucked for a much more casual look.

The moral of the story and my tips and tricks is that styling items for any body type can be hard. Whether you are super tall or curvey there are different ways to style the same piece of clothing. Find the way that makes YOU feel comfortable and confident.

Have a great day!


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