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  • Rebecca Giese

Velvet and Plaid {Holiday Outfit}

Hello, Y'all!

There are four days until Christmas and it is time to roll out my holiday outfit for 2017! Last year I was all about the sparkly tights and velvet...and well not much has changed! I am still riding high on the velvet express but traded the scalloped elf-like shorts for a comfortable pair of velvety emerald green pants. To really get into to the festive theme I went with a Christmas tartan blouse. JCrew did a great job on their Christmas tartan pattern this year and if I could I would buy every piece in the collection at JCrew Factory. The cross body ruffle is a fun feminine touch to the traditional sleeveless cut. This holiday outfit has been my go-to for every event this season; tacky sweater party, cookie baking parties, or any other excuse. The pants and top are more comfortable than the normal skirt or dress options and very easy to fancy-up with some festive jewelry and pumps.

What is your go-to holiday outfit this season?

{Top - JCrew Factory}{Green Pants - LOFT}{Reindeer Earrings - similar}

Blessings from Birmingham and Merry Christmas!

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