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  • Rebecca

Thanksgiving Buffet Cards DIY

Hello, Y'all!

How is Thanksgiving is only a week away? I am over the moon excited for my parents to come into town and for our Thanksgiving plans. This year we are combining Thanksgiving festivities with John Michael's family and I am thrilled to be able to make new memories with my favorite people. Along with the new memories, I am excited to share in the extended menu of family dishes.

To step up the Thanksgiving dinner game I created buffet cards for the main dishes. And it is a super easy way to impress your friends and family. Plus, who doesn't love a little festive decoration for any gathering - especially Thanksgiving? And as an extra bonus, this DIY literally takes 30 minutes tops!

Supply List

Cream/white cardstock Colored Cardstock Paper cutter or Scissors Glue Gun Bow Sticker Feathers Fine-tip marker

Start by making a list of all the dishes and make sure you have the correct spelling ( I spelled Casserole wrong the first time...). Making sure the words are spread out enough to cut a nice edge around each item, use the fine-tip marker to write out the words in your best handwriting on the cream cardstock. If you do not trust your handwriting then you can always print the words out. Once you are satisfied with the lettering, cut out each item.

Glue the cream paper to the color cardstock. (Due to my impatience and to make it easy I used the glue gun for everything.) Leave enough room to make a board around the cream cardstock. To make the buffet card stand you will have to fold the colored cardstock on itself and cut the paper.

Now you have a simple buffet card, to elevate the look take your bows and feathers and have some fun! Or use any other Fall stickers or ribbon you have to add that extra flare.

See I told you it was super easy!

Blessings from Birmingham!

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