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October Favorites

Hello, Ya'll!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and October! Oh I just love holidays and had so much fun celebrating! I probably ate a little too much candy but I should be okay...I said no thank you to a doughnut today to help counteract the problem haha. I am really excited for November! My parents are coming to Birmingham in several weeks for Thanksgiving and I am already in full Christmas planning mode. This month will also have some exciting news for the blog so make sure to subscribe to be the first one to know!

Before I go too Christmas crazy let us recap some of my favorites from last month!

Health & Beauty

1. Last month I discovered a new nail polish! I was at Target looking for a fun Fall color and came across the brand, SensatioNAIL. They carry express gel nail polish to give you the look and feel of a gel manicure at home. The only catch is you need a LED lamp to dry the polish. Luckily I already had one from an at-home gel set my mom gave me several months ago and if you don't have one yet they are not hard to find at an inexpensive price. What makes the express gel so fabulous is that fact it is one step and done! All other gel polishes I have used have multiple steps. With this nail polish I can have a fresh manicure finished before work in five minutes! The color I have been loving is "I'm so Bord-eaux", but I want one of every color haha. As an extra bonus, the polish is less than six buck! Now that is a deal!

2. With all the candy and sweets I have been eating my face has really been breaking out. So along with containing my sweet tooth, I turned to my skin care routine to try to fix this issue. I decided to refresh my nightly routine and switch over to a new cleanser. When I saw that Neutrogena's "Fresh Foaming Cleanser" was not only a cleanser but also a make-up remover, I had to give it a shot! And I am glad I did! The cleanser leaves me face feeling fresh and super clean. Plus it saves time because it removes my makeup and cleans! A must try!

Fashion & Style

3. Finally, at the end of last month is was cool enough to start wearing layers. I have been loving styling my vintage coats and sweaters. Last Sunday while downtown for brunch we took some fun photos of a Fall outfit with one of my favorite coats and I can't wait to share with everyone! There is just something fun about mixing new and old fashion.

4. Last weekend I went to the Loft and there were so many adorable wrap skirts...I even bought two. I have never owned a wrap skirt before but liked the idea of adding some variety to my normal pencil and straight skirts. They are perfect for this season and into winter with a nice pair of tights. I am sure you will see them styled in the near future ;)

Other Things I have been obsessing over last month

5. I have been obsessing over pomegranates. Especially the way they were used in the appetizers Virginia shared with us last week! Seriously how did I not know how amazing they are until now?? If you haven't check out the recipes yet, just click HERE, and thank me later.

6. Last month a watched A LOT of Halloween movies, and loved every minute of it! I watched Hocus Pocus maybe three times (no shame), Casper, the Halloweentown series and so much more. The festive films really got me into the Halloween spirit and was a great change from Netflix binge watching. But I am definitely ready to pull out the Christmas movies!

7. Last but not least, Luna! This month brought me the cutest kitten in the whole wide world. I never thought there would be a cat in the apartment but after saving her we just couldn't let her go. She is so sweet and snuggly. And most of all she is hundred precent healthy! After finding her on the highway and taking her to the vet at about 6 weeks old we were concerned for our little kitty. But she has already doubled her weight and the whole family is adjusting to a kitty filled life. Here is a little puppy/kitty snuggles to get you through the rest of the week...

Blessings from Birmingham!

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