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Sweet Dreams {Bedroom Tour}

Hello y'all,

First off I want to say, to everyone waiting and getting ready for Hurricane Irma, I am praying for you and your state!

After tackling a crazy week, it is finally time for another addition to the Southern'spirations apartment tour! I hope you are loving this apartment as much as I am! Next up on the tour is the bedroom!

When decorating the bedroom I always keep in mind two main things, functionality and mood. The room has to function not only as my sleeping chamber but a giant wardrobe, all while having a serene and relaxing feel.

The most important piece of any bedroom is well the bed and I am in love with mine! The biggest splurge of my life thus far has been my mattress. I went for Tempur Pedic because it honestly felt the best and due to the fact that good sleep is connected to better health, I found it to be a valid investment. I love jumping into the fluffy duvet and soft pillows after a long day! My only issue with it is that Eloise thinks it is her giant dog bed and refuses to sleep elsewhere!

Other than the mattress the rest of the room is a mix of DIY projects and bargains! Even the headboard was a family collaboration of my mom's upholstery knowledge and my dad's wood working skills. (Would you need interested in a DIY on how to make your own headboard comment below!) The dresser was an auction find that we painted gray and changed the nobles. And the side tables are auction or antique store finds. I have actually had the wooden trunk since middle school. I have always been a fan of unique pieces and a good price tag! Speaking of a good price tag, the mirror was a Walmart find....and on sale. I know right?? I love now having a full-length mirror to plan outfits for upcoming posts and just everyday looks! When I was looking for a small piece to store accessories and clothing bins I found the white cubed shelving unit at Target. I love how the simple piece creates a backdrop to display my favorite bright pieces and fits so perfectly between the window and the closet.

I have never been one for bright colored bedrooms, instead, I love to stick with a clean color scheme like blue and white. Even as a kid I remember not being able to sleep at sleepovers because of the too bright pink walls my friends had. I am lucky that my apartment comes preprinted with a nice butter yellow, which goes great with blue and white! FYI, my obsession for blue and white really shows in here more than anywhere else. With the white duvet and navy, dust ruffle the color scheme was then anchored with the addition of my favorite "Practically Perfect in Every Way" pillow (If you know the reference we can be best friends, hint a playbill in the shadowbox) and the gingham pillows my mom made for my birthday this year.Blue and white ceramics are highlighted throughout the room, like the matching lamps (from Hobby Lobby what! what!) and my collection of antique plates. I find mixing and matching patterns with the same color scheme fun! Shout out to my mom for finding the garden stool and planter!

Art really helps create a feel and defines the space. I prefer cool toned water colors and art that adds a cheery finish to the room and makes early mornings a little sweeter and paired them with bright white frames to make the colors really pop! The posters are vintage though and I actually found the Gatsby one under a bed in my grandparent's house! When it comes to current art prints, my favorites come from Evenly Henson, including the city prints (Orlando, Charleston, and Birmingham) and jar of green hydrangeas. I love the whimsy stylings and soft brush strokes she uses. You can tell she really enjoys creating art and spreading the joy of art. And I am obsessed with all of her prints! She is a must to check out!! Not only does she have prints but also mugs, phone cases and so much more. Plus she does puns really well!!

I love how the room makes me smile when I come home to a made bed and when I wake to see the sun shining through the window over my cactus and across the room. Truly my happy place. Now find your happy place!

Now it is time for a nap!

Blessings from Birmingham!

Get the look here!

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