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Becoming a GirlBoss {Office Space Tour}

Hello y'all!

Sharing another favorite spot in this installment of the apartment tour series! Okay, the whole apartment is my favorite but this office space has become a very important piece for Southern'spirations. Since taking Southern'spirations from a little hobby to a serious passion project, I have seen the true potential Southern'spirations has and the exciting future I could have as a blogger. I love collaborating with individuals and businesses, planning out future posts, all while learning new skills and grow with the site. I would like to say this is the start of becoming a girl-boss, taking my future into my own hands, honing in on my skills and learning new ones. Oh, I am so excited!

Now to be honest I write a lot of drafts on my couch but when it is time to be serious and get down to business I head to the little office nook. The nook creates a little cubical like effect, which allows me to completely focus on the task at hand and not get distracted by the laundry that needs folding once I get off this computer... I love the mix of antiques and pretty fun colors you can find in the the space as well as around the entire apartment. The wooden desk is very special to me because it was my great-grandmother's, making it priceless. The chair, on the other hand, was a flea market or auction find, that my mom recovered with a fun gold polka-dotted burlap fabric. What makes the chair super cool is that the chair is actually a wooden folding chair! Making it perfect for smaller spaces. The nook is naturally pretty dark so, to add light to the space I added the chandelier that my parents gave me for Christmas several years ago. I love how the crystals sparkle and really brighten of the nook. Along with the chandelier, I placed an armed lamp on the desk. The lamp is a great Ikea find, that I have had since college. Another Ikea piece is the picture wire that hangs right above the desk, I love having pictures of family and friends in my space. The photographs make me smile whenever I look up from the screen. With editing videos and creating a graphics a mentor was a must but instead of buying a bulky stand I used some great coffee table books to raise the screen to my desired height, including my favorite "All in Good Taste" by Kate Spade New York. Like in the entry way, I keep a tray in the office space. This one is used to hold current projects and my agendas so that the desk can be clear for when I am working....well other than the stack of magazines I am currently going through for inspiration.

Now I am excited to share two quick DIYs with you from this space! That is right TWO!

Both DIYs are spray paint themed so go to your nearest hardware or craft store and pick up some Krylon colors! The first is the antique framed clip board. The old frame was picked up at auction, sanded and then I used a glossy black spray paint to freshen up the old frame. This took several coats due to the details in the frame. Once dry I turned the frame over and marked where I wanted the wires to go. Then I screwed in hooks for the wire to wrap around. Next, I took a copper wire (any thick wire will do) and wrapped around the hook and cut to size before wrapping it tight on the other side. I repeated this until all the wires were finished. And done! Just use clothespins and clips to hold reminders, stickers or photos!

Next is the filing cabinet! If you can believe it that filing cabinet was a scratched up GoodWill find. I picked a blue that matches the couch (spoiler) and decided on a matte finish. I recommend priming the metal before applying the first coat of paint to make sure it does not peel. Once the primer is dry, apply the color! It took several cans and several coats for this two drawer filing cabinet, so I suggest buying more than you think you need (holla for last minute trips to Hobby Lobby before they close). To update and customize the filing cabinet a step further, I took off the handles and picked out new ones that would fit in the current holes. So once the paint was dry, I screwed the new handles into place. For the final touch, I added the black and white dotted sticker wall paper, from Hobby Lobby to the top, side and name plate sections. Not so thrifty looking anymore! Plus it was half the price of a boring, standard filing cabinet! I love this little nook and the special place it has in the journey of Southern'spirations.

Blessings from Birmingham,

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