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  • Rebecca

White Hydrangeas

Hello Y'all,

Several weeks ago our adventures led us to explore the grounds of the Dillard House, in the town of Dillard, which is a peaceful and charming inn with a mountainous backdrop. The house is like a little piece of heaven, from the old truck in front of the distillery, to the pasture of grazing horses...just wonderful!

The white hydrangea bushes had rows and rows of flowers the size of my head! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, so I was giddy when I turned the corner and came across the view.

I swear that this photoshoot was not planned at all. Once we were there and saw the white hydrangeas- plus the fact I was wearing one of my favorite white summer could we not stop?? White dresses are a great summer staple. For some reason someone somewhere made a rule that one shouldn't wear white after Labor Day...I must be a total rule breaker. I would love to hear your opinion on the no white outfit rule! The simplicity of a white summer dress makes such a clean and fresh look that I really love. I know... I wear a lot of bright colors and have a thing for mixing prints, but sometimes you need to just hit the reset button and reach for a crisp white dress. What makes this particular dress special is the eyelet detailing and simple shift dress cut. This dress was from several summers ago, so to be fair I am sharing below some of my top favorites that are currently on sale!

{Dress - Loft}{Shoes - Jcrew Factory}{Purse - Kate Spade}{Sunglasses - Lucky Brand}

Check out my top picks for white dresses currently on sale! All are less than 80$!

Blessings from Birmingham!

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