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  • Rebecca

Romper Style

Hello Y'all!

Do you remember the days when you had play clothes and every time you were packing your mom would say, " Don't forget to pack play clothes."? That can't be just me. Well, who said adults can't have fun attire that is meant for running around and climbing trees...or at least trying to climb trees?? Now, I don't mean gym clothes, I mean a cute stress free outfit that is easy to wear. I found a particular romper that fits the bill.

Rompers have become very intricate lately, with lacey, frilly, silky details and stylings making them completely unusable for adventuring. Don't get me wrong, I love how fancy rompers have become! But sometimes you just need some cute play clothes! I found this gingham romper on sale from the Jcrew Factory. (Probably would have gone with a medium if they had one). It first caught my eye due to - well...the blue and white gingham but when the romper arrived I loved the adjustable collar and waist strings. Plus it is sooo comfortable and light! Perfect for summer walks and adventures with Eloise.

Here are some rompers currently on sale!

Blessings from Birmingham,

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