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  • Rebecca

Pretty in Pink

Hello y'all!

Have you ever woken up in a blah mood but when you put on a particular outfit your whole attitude changes?

Well that was me this week. I am usually a pretty bubbly fun person (my coworkers started calling me Little Sweetness... thank you Dr. Pepper) but this week has been hard. I had been slacking on working out and so this weekend the decision was made to make it a priority. That being said, there is barely enough time in the day for everything I have going on, so it was a stressful start of the week trying to adjust. BUT the Lord never gives me more than I can handle! By Wednesday I was able to breathe a bit, with the help of some bright pink Lilly Pulitzer.  During lunch that day we took a quick detour to the Rotary Trail, a very cool park that connects downtown Birmingham through a biking and walking... well trail. I have driven past the Magic City sign many times, so it was fun to stop, take a peak and get some fun pictures!

When ever I put on any of my Lilly Pulitzer pieces I know the day is going to be great because the bright, fun prints really rub off on me. Making office meetings feel like a party (at least in my head)! The skirt and shirt are both Lilly Pulitzer. I love the coral, tropical print of the top that I picked up last Spring. It is funny how perfectly it pairs with the pink skirt I snagged at the semiannual Lilly Sale several years back. It is almost that time again for the Lilly Sale...make a mental note to budget for more Lilly and the coffee you will need for the early wake up call!

I finished the outfit with my current favorite blush pink ballet flats from Jcrew and blush pink Kate Spade purse. What finishes such a preppy outfit better than KJP pearl earrings?! Nothing does hahah. 

I hope the bright colors bring a smile to your face like it does for me! 

{Skirt and Shirt - Lilly Pulitzer }{Purse - Kate Spade }{Ballet Flats - Jcrew Factory }{sunglasses - Lucky Brand }{ earrings - KJP }  

Blessings from Birmingham,

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