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Southern'spirations Top Hiking Trails {Blue Ridge Parkway}

Hello y'all

This week I thought it would be fun to do  a guide to the North Carolina/Georgia mountains that will help you plan your next weekend get away! One of the highlights of visiting the mountains is well... the mountains! Getting the chance to experience some of the wonders that this beautiful land the Lord has blessed us with. One of the best ways to do this is by traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

A little history lesson: The Blue Ridge Parkway was created in 1936 as an opportunity to combat unemployment during the Great Depression but also to connect some of the established National Parks. The Blue Ridge Parkway starts at the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and winds its way to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park near Cherokee North Carolina.

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway there are many scenic overlooks but the best stops take more than a quick minute stop. The parkway is also equipped with a network of parks and hiking trails. Even Mt Mitchell, the highest point on the Eastern seaboard, is off of the Blue Ridge Parkway and you are just a hike away from cold winds and breath taking views. 

I did a little homework and gathered the distance/ intensity of each trail so you can properly plan you next trip!

1. Summit Trail- Mt Mitchell

Located at the end of the Upper Summit parking lot the trail is marked with an intensity level of easy. The trail is .25 miles long (one-way) and paved. The top of Mt Mitchell is known for being unseasonably cold so bring a coat or wind breaker! Once you reach the top you get to say that you have been to the highest point east of the Mississippi River... how cool is that??

2.  Craggy Pinnacle Trail-Craggy Dome

This .7 mile trail is an easy hike but do to the rocks and uneven surfaces I would call it an easy-plus. The rhododendrons bushes have grown to create a tunnel over the trail, making the experience magical! Or maybe I have been watching way too much Harry Potter. At the end of the trail there are amazing 360 degree views! Worth the trip!

3. Mount Pisgah Trail - Mount Pisgah

This 2.2 mile trail is deemed moderate but I believe it is pretty easy. The trail has beautiful overlooks and meadows of wild flowers! The trail ends at the Mt Pisgah Inn which has a cute gift shop and restaurant! So make a day of it!!!

Here are some pictures of my latest Blue Ridge Parkway adventures!!

 Blessings from Birmingham!


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