Charleston Distilling Co. Tour and Cocktail Recipe

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Cheers to the weekend! To top off a week themed around the apartment balcony and balcony garden I thought I would share a fun summer cocktail recipe from the Charleston Distilling Co. that uses mint from my garden! But first let me tell you about the gem that is the Charleston Distilling Company...

The Charleston Distilling Co. is a small batch craft spirit distillery located actually on King St. just several blocks from Skinny Dip and next to an ice cream parlor that always smells of waffle cones. They opened several years ago and had their first whiskey hit the market last summer/fall. (My dad is on a waiting list for their bourbon haha)

Last year my dad and I did a tour of the distillery and found the whole process fascinating, and decided this Spring to bring the Beau and my mom! The place feels like a step back in time, with copper finishes and old lumber. When your tour starts they walk you through what grains are used, the fermentation process all the way to the bottling process. Which sounds like a fun time, because of their small staff the have bottling parties, bring in friends from the community to bottle the liquor and eat some pizza. How fun?! But I will not tell you everything about the tour so that you have to go a check it out yourself!!

After the tour is completed you get the chance to purchase a flight and taste their product. They currently have several gin, vodka and a whiskey to choose from (Click HERE for complete listings), even a vodka made with the Carolina Reaper pepper! I personally have never been a fan of vodka or gin but they changed my mind. Apparently major companies add sugars and other elements for taste constancy which causes the the vodka to have the burning, what I assume is lighter fluid, taste but the Charleston Distilling Co. actually has flavor of the grain because of their small batch process. But their whiskey is still me favorite.

Luckily, this year several laws changed in favor of the Charleston Distilling Co. and now you can also try their spirits in a signature cocktail at the distillery! I tried their Smoked Maple Old Fashion and it was delightful but the really winner was the Southside. Think of a cocktail that is made with gin but tastes refreshing like a mojito. This cocktail will make your friends think you went to bartending school because you just reached a new level!

So here is the recipe!


1.5 oz Jasper's Barrel gin

3/4 oz line juice

3/4 oz simple supar

Shake with 4 mint leaves

Serve in a tumbler glass

Garnish with Angostura and Mint

Remember to alway drink responsibly!

Blessings from Birmingham,

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