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  • Rebecca

Gardening Tips

Hello y'all!

I want to start this by saying I have A LOT to learn about gardening and I am far from being an expert, but I wanted to share some tips to make wannabes, like myself, reach the level above cactus killer. Seriously, last year I killed to cacti, but now have only had one cilantro plant die in the great Alabama summer heat. Calling that success!!

So let's get to it!!

1. Take the time before heading to your nearest nursery to observe the sun's pattern over your patio, balcony, yard...basically whereever you want you garden to grow. Did you know that certain plants need certain amount and types of light? Some plants love morning sun, where as others like shade.

2. Once you buy your little plant babies, make sure you also buy the proper soil...there is cactus soil by the way (learned that the hard way). Check the plant tag or ask a sales person to help you pick out the right soil.

3. When buying a pot/planting container make sure there is proper water drainage. If your container does not come with drainage holes, either drill them or add rocks to the bottom before adding soil. I had a full urn of plants die last summer because of root rot from not having drainage holes.

4. Water your plants daily. If you live in a hot environment like Birmingham, Alabama I would suggest not only in the morning but also checking the water levels in the evening. Many days this summer I have found my plants bone dry after extremely hot afternoons.

5. Listen to your plants. If their leaves seem to be burning in the summer sun move them to a new location. If they look like they are suffocating others in the same urn, replant them in a separate pot.

Those are the tips I have learned this summer since advancing from cactus killer to novice planter. I hope you found them helpful! Anyone can have a green thumb!!

Blessings from Birmingham,

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