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Road Trip Essentials

Hello y'all,

I am so excited to be heading to the mountains again tomorrow for a much needed girls weekend with two of my best friends! (probably should be packing instead of writing this but oh well) I haven't seen Delia or Sarah since their graduation last May...too long! We all live in different corners of the southeast and have crazy schedules and were finally able to find a time to reconnect and laugh. We have had some amazing adventures and many fun times, from debutante balls in Baton Rouge to exploring Charlotte, we are the three musketeers.

And so I thought before my next road trip I would share my must have road trip essentials with y'all!

Side note: What do you think of the illustration? First one I have made for the blog and would to know if you like the look and want to see more.

1. Water bottle filled with ice water - It is so easy to become dehydrated during a road trip without even noticing it due to not drinking enough water. Also many people will drink coffee or soda to stay alert during long drives but this will dehydrate you which in turn will effect your alertness, so drink plenty of water whiling traveling!

2. Comfortable clothing - When I am driving or just riding in the car I pick an outfit that embodies comfort over fashion. I will probably wear tomorrow athletic shorts and a t-shirt tomorrow but if it was colder I would go for the leggings and large sweatshirt look.

3. Sneakers (If driving) - When you are driving long distances your legs and feet can start to get tired but with a supportive sneaker your body is supported from the repetitive motion of pushing the pedals. Your feet will thank you.

4. Snacks - I always make sure I have snacks, I get hungry haha. Also have healthier snack choices like a protein bar or dried fruit helps beat the urge to stop for fast food.

5. Phone charger/AUX cord - Having my phone fully charged is very important for driving. I use my phone as a GPS as well as my main source of music, so a charger is very important.

6. Safe & checked out car - This may seem obvious but is the most important. Before heading out on the road especially when driving long distances remember to check your oil and take your car in for a check up. The last thing you want is to be stranded if the event could have been prevented with a trip to the auto shop.

Going along with my road trip essentials I wanted to share with y'all my favorites I received in my Lauren James box from the Pink Friday sale! It was a fun surprise box, where you give them your size and they fill it with all sorts of goodies! I know for sure that tomorrow I will be wearing the t shirt and athletic shorts that it came with. Also packing the water bottle and drink koozies for the weekend! Click on the picture to her dover to their website! The shirt is currently on sale!

Have a fun weekend!


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