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City Skylines and Checkered Blouses

Hello Y'all!

Have you ever looked at something over and over again but one day take a moment to stop and say wow? I recently have when looked at the Birmingham cityscape. For almost two years I have commuted into downtown Birmingham for work. And I can tell you I am not a city girl. I love the suburbs and after almost two years I still get nervous at the idea of having to parallel park. But there is something interesting about a city skyline, how the buildings work together to create a collage against the sky or on sunny days how the glass sparkles. Even in little Birmingham I can see how people get swept up in the magic of it all in places like New York City and Chicago. I wanted to share my little view from the roof patio of the office building and share the little wonder that is Birmingham Alabama with all of you.

I also wanted to share with you this Kate Spade top I picked up during Memorial Weekend Sales. How darling is it?? The checkered print called to me from when I first entered the store. Then upon further inspection I noticed all the fun and whimsy details true to the Kate Spade name! The hem has a small eyelet detail, while the straps are neatly folded into bows. Plus the smocked back! The smocked back and tailored fit made me feel so polished. To have a little fun (who said office fashion can't be) I paired the blouse with green fitted slacks and gold beaded tassel earrings.

Remember to take a second to stop and find the beauty in your everyday life!

Here are some of my top picks for black and white tops from Kate Spade!

Blessings from Birmingham,

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