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  • Rebecca

Biltmore in Patriotic Fashion

Hello Y'all

While in the mountains during our 4th of July vacation, we made a visit to the Biltmore. I have grown up visiting America's castle and wanted to share the wonder with Beau. I have always been amazed by the vast grounds and the attention to detail within the craftsmanship. If you have not been it is a must! Every time we drive past the gate and see the house my eyes widen in awe, and it always seems to be grander than the time before. This time it was even a little more exciting because there was a bear with her two cubs right outside the gate!

Right now, there is a partnership with Belk's which made the experience extra special. Belk's brought in costume from historical time period movies, like Sleepy Hollow and Jane Eyre, that fit the different rooms and historical period of the Biltmore. Being able to see examples of dress added to the magical experience like stepping back in time. A true treasure to behold.

While touring the house and grounds, I kept with the patriotic theme pairing an older Loft red skirt with a new Banana Republic find, blue and white scalloped blouse. For styling purposes, I tucked in the blouse but the hem and sleeves are scalloped to perfection. To top off the look, I used a bandana headband that I found at Walmart (I know right?!) and my favorite sandals this summer. I loved the playfulness of this outfit, and isn't the point of fashion to have fun and play!? So below are some pictures of the grounds and myself dancing around them.

I hope your week is as grand as a morning at the Biltmore,

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