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  • Rebecca

Summer whites and Pink Drinks

Hello y'all First off let's pop the bubbly because Southern'spirsations is officially live! In the last couple months blogging has moved from something I do to pass the time to a passion project. I debated moving from Blogger for months but wanted to have more which I could have with a true website. The whole thing makes me so giddy! I hope y'all like it and if you have any comments for suggestions please reach out! Also a special surprise is at the end of this post so make sure to keep reading!

Now down to business, it was been extremely hot and unbearably humid this summer. So hot that I can not even think about drinking hot coffee and desirer something refreshing. Which is where the Pink Drink comes into play. I. Love. Pink Drinks. They are a not so secret secret menu item from Starbucks. Trust me you will want to try it, during Memorial Weekend I shared the secret with my mom and she is on the band wagon!

Another way I have been beating the heat this summer is light smock-like dresses. I really love this embroidered white one from the Loft. The cut is perfect! I love a flowy dress but also enjoy a tailor fit. (I know I am difficult) This dress has a great neck and arm fit but then the body is just lose. It reminded me of Wendy's night gown from Peter Pan.

So when I got a Pink Drink white wearing my summer fave dresses I was in a blissful state!

The earrings and dress are Loft - The shoes are Jcrew - The bag is Madison Mathews

Now for the surprise!! I was so excited about the new site that I had stickers made for the grand occasion! My first 100 individuals to follow on Instagram and subscribe will get a bundle of Southern'spirations stickers from your truly!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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