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  • Rebecca

Gingham Sunny Days

Hello Y'all

If you have seen my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page you would notice probably two things. One life has been crazy with lots of new adventures including two trade shows and moving!! Second, that my aesthetic is everything blue and white. And so it is just fitting that I present to you another blue and white outfit.

While exploring one gorgeous Sunday the Beau and I came across the cute town of Colombiana, AL.

I have a wondering heart that gets a thrill from what I like to call " Rabbit Trailing", where you may start is one direction but then drive to see what you will find and on this particular day we got pretty lucky. With its main street America flare and historical property the town is worth a visit. We found a quaint trolley in bright red and gold reminding me of Savannah's tour trolleys. I can't wait to go back on another day when all the little shops are open and see the trolley running.

Alabama is starting to feel the heat and so I paired my gingham blue shorts from the Loft with another Loft favorite from my closet, the Swiss polka-dotted tank. This shirt is a consist during the summer, with its peplum hem, light bright cotton and again the Swiss polkadots!

I have been watching the trend of the neckerchiefs and had to try it out of myself. I found the cutest blue trimmed "water color" boat print one from Jcrew factory outlet this Spring and loving the look plus I use it to add some flare to my bag on occasion as well.

Don't forget to Smile!


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