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Adulting is Hard: Time Management

Happy Sunday and Happy February!

January just flew by! I am so excited for the adventures February has in store, with Valentines Day and traveling to visit friends, the shortest month is sure to be an amazing one.

Last year I started a series called Adulting is Hard. (Clink the link to get the full story or search "Adulting" to find all the pervious posts.) Well the series was also supposed to be finished last year but you know what being an adult can sometimes actually be hard and trying to make the blog a priority and this series a priority was just not happening. But it is 2017 and we are back at it ladies and gentlemen!

This brings me into the topic of today: time management. When it comes to being a young adult and trying to also live that Extraordinary life, time management is key. Managing our time is a skill everyone struggles with because something also seems to come up that takes our precious time leaving goals late nights at the office causes you to drive right past the gym, oops.

Today I am going to share some tips I have learned and still improving (I watched Netflix most of my morning instead of writing this).

The first thing you need to establish is your top priorities and goals. Once you have those, next is to break those items into tasks and deadlines for yourself. Then I follow the next tree items to the best of my ability (Netflix coma I swear is a real thing!)

1. To Do List: For me if it is written down on a list I NEED to get it done. The list usually is divided throughout the weekly section of my agenda and nags me until I get the satisfaction of crossing it out.

2. Use Your Time Wisely: Try to focus on tasks on that To Do List at least during your most productive hours of the day. (Not at work for your personally list please unless it is lunch hour then go for it!) I find myself to be most productive in the morning so when I have a busy day ahead of me I will wake up around 4:30am, make a french press and get to work on whatever needs to be done that morning, whether it is cleaning, crafting or blogging. Also eating chocolate on your couch while binge watching The Office does not count as using your time wisely (this is a personal reminder to myself)

3. Multitask: Of course this is to be done with your best judgment. Don't try to cut up an onion of dinner while reading a book, you will hurt yourself! But there are things that you can multitask, like laundry and blogging:)

Of course things come up and life gets really busy, it is so easy to get lost in something as silly as Netflix or playing video games or Facebook creeping, but when you organize out your time you actually gain wiggle room for extra activities or sleep.... I pick sleep.

I hope this has either helpful or at least very entertaining!

If you have any questions, comments or Adulting themed pieces you want me to cover, leave a comment!

xoxo RGN

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