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  • Rebecca

Saint Patrick's Day

Hello Ya'll!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Eve! I have always been one to love holidays, Valentine's Day, Saint Patty's Day, Earth Day you name it! I find as I get older that celebrating even in the simplest of ways can make what could be a very normal day very exciting and a whole lot of fun. Tonight I wanted to share some lat minute ideas to get you into the festive mood as well.

Also for many St. Patty's Day is an excuse to indulge in the excessive so I wanted to share some was to celebrate without setting you back a dime or harming your liver...

1. Add a little green to your breakfast routine: This is super easy just take some green food coloring and mix up some scrambled eggs or into some pancake batter. If you usually don't eat breakfast made add some green to your lunch...I say even a salad counts ;)

2. Wear a little green: This could be your shoes, pants, blouse, dress whatever you want. Or it could be your whole outfits...more power to you if you pull that one off! I also linking some fun options for no matter the activity, to get you thinking about the green. Plus with spring around the corner these pieces will look great longer than just tomorrow.

3. Listen to some Celtic music: I personally love the instrumentals of Celtic music and grew up watching the River Dance on VHS. Pandora of course has Celtic music so go take a second from Hits1 and listen to some new.

4. Make a sweet treat for friends: Right now I have lime jello cooling in the fridge for tomorrow (I told you I get into holidays). Who said holiday parties a treats had to end with grade school?? Bring in some cookies, cupcakes or bought or homemade I don't judge!

5. Go to a fun themed event: This could be anything. Made you plan a girls night and watch Luck of the Irish DCOM or run a themed 5K. I am personally excited to go to Shake Your Shamrock cycling class tomorrow with some girls from work!

Those are just a couple ideas for what you can do this Saint Patty's Day! Sometimes we get so wrapped into our day to day that even a little change feels exciting so I challenge you to have fun and celebrate!

Remember that if anything else tomorrow is not only Saint Patty's Day but also the weekly holiday called Friday.


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