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Becoming a Dog Mom

Hello Y'all!

It is another blistering hot week but I won't let that slow me down! Eloise and I have gone on several adventures lately and i though it was about time for me to share a little advisor on becoming a dog mom (or dad). First off I love it! Eloise brings me so much joy, she truly is my baby...I am one of those crazy dog moms. She just got an Instagram account Eloise_the_Corgi. Yea I know it's ridiculous. Having a dog is a lot of responsibility and it will does change your world especially if you live on your own. You have to really plan out your day and make sure they get the attention they need to be healthy and happy. But if you plan and do your research it can be easier for sure. I have wanted a corgi for a long time and made it a goal of 2016 to get least save the money and plan for a pup so I am so grateful that Eloise came into my life only about half through the year!! She is my little adventure road trip partner, loves playing at the dog park and loves going on long walks.

If you are thinking about becoming a dog parent keep reading for what I hope is helpful information to get you on the right track to a wonderful relationship with your own four pawed friend...

Save, Save, Save

Now getting a pure bred anything comes with a hefty price tag but even an adopted pup comes with a cost. When getting a dog remember there is a large fiscal responsibility attached, from shots to buying a crate it adds up. My advice is to save for the pet and then double it for extra expenses. If you will on a budget like I do shelling out 100+ dollars for a vet visit is not a nice feeling so saving and planning ahead really helps fit this new expense into the budget. This also helps with spoiling your dog, I wanted the best for Eloise and so due to my saving I was able to splurge on items like a nice crate cover to match my studio apartment with matching crate bedding (yes I know I'm crazy).

Along with first start cost of vet bills and items there are other expenses to think out and possibly save for like boarding and dog training. Alway be prepared or have a plan for the surprises.

Research Everything

To help with those financial surprises due a lot of research during your saving stage and when you first get the puppy. When looking for a vet I looked up average cost of shots and procedures then when calling offices in town I asked what the cost would be. PSA** I love Cahaba Valley Animal Clinic fare costs from everything from visit patient visits to boarding!

Also research your local pet stores for special deals for members, Petco was a welcome home package full of coupons for pretty much everything you will need, and they have a cash back point program so you can get some back on those pricey first time visits! is great for toys, food and more.

Along with researching costs take time to look up advice on training, I took a lot of time learning about crate training so that Eloise could be set up for an easy (well easier) potty training process. We never crate trained our dogs growing up but I highly recommend it for anyone living on their own or does not have someone stay home full time.

A lastly and maybe the most important thing to research is the breed you are interested in. You may find them cute which is a start but truly look into the breed. The history of the breed, the overall behavior of the breed, the health of the breed and so on. You will have this companion

for a long time and need to make sure it if a perfect fit. Just like with people a relationship based on just looks won't go anywhere. This is a big decision that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Be Very Patient

Once you feel that you are ready, with your money saved and you have done all the search, the dog may not be there. Finding a breeder or the prefect match may take a long time but be patient!! Trust me good things come to those who wait!

Enjoy and Laugh!!

Once you connect with your best friend remember that everything about puppies isn't easy. Late nights of no sleep and training can be hard at times but remember to laugh and enjoy it because there is not many things better than a puppy. Laugh at the silly things they do as they learn and cuddle them close:)

Here is some pictures of Eloise to get you through the rest of your week!

All smiles for the week! Off to go on a walk!


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