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  • Rebecca

18th of April {Mixing and matching my way to 24}

Hello y'all!!

Today I am celebrating my 24 birthday! This has been a birthday for the record books! Woke up early to start the day with a birthday breakfast at IHOP before work. Then went to my favorite Wasabi Juan's for lunch...sushi burrito heaven! And ending my day with Mellowmushroom while watching Fantastic Beasts, I seem to have a theme of eating a lot of food! On top of a lovely day, shout out to Beau for it all, I had a wonderful time celebrating this weekend while my parents were in town.

My mom loves to do silly things to celebrate and make a semi ordinary day, like shopping, special. And so, on Saturday I was informed that I was required to wear my birthday crown all day! It was silly, it was diva, it was so much fun!! There is something that makes you smile when random strangers say 'Happy Birthday' while out shoe shopping.

During the day we found an antique mall with several vintage cars so I had to take advantage of the scenery to share my navy mix match. The Jcrew navy shorts have the perfect scalloped hem and the polka dots are so much fun! The striped navy and white tank top, also Jcrew, has a fun delicate scalloped collar making this pattern mix perfection!! And the suede navy sandals...please don't get me started on these new additions to my closet! I am sure I will be getting many uses out of them this season.

Who says you can't play with your clothes as an adult? At 24 I still love playing dress up everyday and think every day needs a little whimsy!

Today I brought doughnuts into work to add a little sweetness to everyone else day and because I can't give you all are some sugary sweet pictures from my Birthday outfit Saturday.

Enjoy the rest of your week, while I sleep off my Birthday food coma!


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