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  • Rebecca

Treat Yo Self {Spa Day at Home}

Hello Y'all!

Life seems to move at a thousand miles a minute! Trying to live that extraordinary life style (explained here) this year definitely can take a tole on the body and mind. So sometimes you need to step back and take sometime to exhale and take care of yourself. My favorite way to do this while also remaining budget friendly is a spa day- at home. A " Spa Day" usually is more like a spa hour or a couple items through out the day but let's be honest I don't stop for a whole day. these are easy things you can do that make you or at least makes me, feel relaxed and out together during a day, week or life that is chaotic.

When I want a treat yo-self moment I love to create a relaxing environment similar to a true day at the spa. So, I will put on soft music, make citrus water, and light my favorite vanilla candle. Then I am a true believer in the healing powers of a nice warm bubble bath. I prefer bubbles over bath bombs but use your preference.

Another thing that makes me feel great is a facial, I start using the Bioré self heating charcoal mask and I love the tingle clean feeling it lives on my skin plus because it does not dry out, my skin does not feel tight or dry like it does from other masks.

I also love to take the time to paint my nails, I never slow down long enough to paint my nails so when I do it is a complete stop to the crazy day to day.

Going along with facials another treat yo-self step that makes me feel fancy is using a sugar scrub to make my skin feel silky smooth and revitalize my skin. I have been using a lime and ginger one that smells so fresh and clean.

After a scrub I like using a hot oil on my skin and on my hair. It it better than the biggest glob of conditioner on my dry and stressed hair. Making my hair look shinny and healthy, which in turn makes me feel refreshed.

Remember to treat yourself once and while. Maybe for you it is a long nap or going for a run, but always make time for you! I know for me the world is moving so fast it is hard to catch up and it feels like slowing down would be useless but sometimes that is exactly what you need to do.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!


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