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  • Rebecca

Stepping into Spring

Hello Ya'll!

Last weekend the Beau and I went on a little adventure to downtown Birmingham on such a gorgeous Saturday day morning. We went down to the Pepper's Place area, where during the summer they have a huge farmers market but on top of that there are wonderful antique shops and garden stores. The area use to be apart of Dr Pepper factory along with several other local company's from the past, so all the buildings have a very cool warehouse aesthetic with brick walls and interesting hardware. The garden store had the loveliest select garden feel and had some interesting gift ideas for friends and family along with plants I have never seen before.It is great to explore different parts of Birmingham and see where people are coming in and revitalizing the town.

On top of it all the morning just felt that Spring had truly came, with flowers in full bloom and the weather just warm enough to pull the Jack Rogers out. I finally can transition into my pastels and Lilly prints. Last Saturday I paired my Lilly top I got last year with a pair of jeans and my trust gold/cork Jack sandals. I finished the look with a mint knitted sweater because I is still a little chilly in the shade and early mornings. The fun fringe top comes from a two piece set that has matching shorts. I love the new two piece sets Lilly Pulitzer has been doing in recent years because they are so versatile compared to a dress or romper. I can where the pieces together of apart and have infinite options in my closet!

Last Saturday was a sunny morning but a rainy afternoon but that could not stop my mood. I met a friend at a cool little coffee shop called Octane. Where we talked all things blogging while sipping on Moroccan Mint Green tea. It was a fun day seeing different corners of the city. It is crazy how after a year there is so much still to see, do and eat on Birmingham. Who would have though?! I challenge you to explore your town and find the hidden gems.

Here are some of my top picks for Lilly Pulitzer sets including the top I wore above!

Have a great week!


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