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  • Rebecca

The Spring Chill

Hello Y'all!

Last week the weather started to feel like Spring here in Birmingham but then out of no where had to go to the back of the closet in search of some warmer clothes. Now I can't complain at least I am not stuck in a North Eastern snow March! What is that??

The weather seems all over the place these days, which makes it necessary to have a durable coat that can tackle the climate mood swings. But after such a dark winter it is nice to add some color back into my wardrobe. Make my pink Barbour quilted coat one of my favorite pieces!

This coat is light but some how warm AND water proof... say what!!

Here I paired it with a light jean, my go to Jack Roger booties and a white button down blouse. This coat is great because unlike the winter parka it adds to the outfit while biting off the cold.

It may not be Spring just yet but the pastel colors well hold me off until I see some May flowers.

Stay warm and have I hope ya'll have sweet dreams of Spring!


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