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  • Rebecca

New Year's Resolution {Choosing to be Extraordinary}

Happy Friday Y'all!

The weather is something awful today, cold and wet, with some snow coming?! (I will believe that one when I see it) So I am blogging tonight with hot coco to my left and warm fuzzy slippers on my feet. I hope everyone is having a warm cozy night as well.

This past week I have been trying to really think hard about all the things I want to accomplish in 2017. And well there are a lot so I decided to not pick just one item on a list or even make a list but a change in mind set.

I decided that for 2017....

I am choosing to be Extraordinary!

Now by no means am I saying I am choosing to be perfect or that I am worthy of the title extraordinary, I swear I am humble. {Continue reading to understand}

The word extraordinary is stuck in my brain and vocabulary after 4 years at High Point University.

I am stating now that, I know I did not think of the slogan on my own and thank HPU for establishing this mind set in me and Nido you are the best.

To me choosing to be Extraordinary is when you push yourself to the limit in all aspects of your life. I want to involve myself more into my new career in marketing, while also creating a solid year for Southernspiration. Along with grow as a person from reading more, learning a new skills and keeping up with my health/fitness.

Choosing to be extraordinary is to never stop dreaming but also continue reaching for lofty goals by setting reachable milestones. For the last year I dreamed of what Southernspirations could be but never put in the time and effort needed, so this year I plan to set up deadlines and meet those deadlines.

This mentality seems exhausting at first, much easier to stay on my couch and watch Netflix, but what does the couch give you? Making every minute of the day count for something is much more satisfying. Not saying I am cancelling my account anytime soon (The Queen is playing in the back ground as I write this) but what I am saying is that apart of this resolution means pushing myself way from the black hole called the couch.

I know that choosing to be extraordinary will be hard at times and possibly stressful as I load down my plate with new obligations but I know I can do anything with Christ who strengthens me.

I hope everyone finds themselves a wonderful new year with new beings and fresh starts. Follow your dreams and be extraordinary with me.

xoxo RGN

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