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Happy New Year!! {2016 Resolution Recap & NYE velvets}

Happy New Year!!

WOW I can't believe 2016 is just about over and that tomorrow is 2017, time is flying by!! It doesn't feel like a year since I posted my 2016 Goals and Some Dreams but I guess the calendar does not lie, so it is time to look back at the list and recap some of the hits and misses from my 2016.

Make A Savings Plan: Well I was successful ate this to an extent...I saved for number two on the list haha but I still need to work on getting a steady plan for everyday saving.

Get A Puppy Corgi: My dreams came true and I welcomed my corgi puppy Eloise into my life in May. She is basically my best friend.

Drink More Water and Less Coke zero: Well....I tried and I think I was successful at this but some days I just needed it haha Blog At Leat Once A Week: I was terrible at this! I can't even lie because there are months that I did not blog at all. This year has been on another level of crazy and a whirlwind BUT good news is I already have about 3 months of content up my sleeve and 2017 is going to be a great year for Southernspirations with many surprises!!

Workout more Consistently: I did do this! I am stronger and have a lot more energy by just adding the gym to my schedule a couple times a week. Big shout out to my gym buddy for keeping my accountable on the weekends when I would rather watch Netflix!

Learn How to Make Macarons: I did this and love making them! I wish I had more time to bake and that almond flour was cheaper. Read my review on this here.

Register to Vote in Alabama: I suck and this didn't happen.

Learn How Not to Kill My Cacti: Another thing I suck at... I bought two cactus and read up on them, got the right soil and STILL killed them.

Go On A Grand Adventure: I did a decent amount of traveling this year but I would say the grand adventure of the year was our family cruise to the Bahamas!!

Actually Get a Tan: I wasn't as pale as a ghost at one point... does that count?

I still haven't decided what goals I want to set for 2017 but from the looks of 2016 I have some I should try again hahaha!!

I decided to put together a NYE outfit that was not only cute but also comfortable because I don't know about you but I am not staying up until midnight in a skin tight, itchy sequined dress! Featuring this soft as can be off-the-shoulder velvet bright red Madison Mathew blouse, a velvet printed legging and the right amount of NYE bling. (Kinda off obsessing over velvet right now, be prepared to see more of it in 2017!) This outfit is perfect for falling asleep at 11:30 in the corner...yup that's me.

{Blouse: Madison Mathews}{ Leggings & Necklace: LOFT}{Shoes: KateSpade}

Have a wonderful last day of 2016! Have fun and be safe!!


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