October 25, 2018

Hello Y'all,

This new chapter has a lot of adjustments, but one of the latest benefits from moving back home has been the proximity to my favorite city in the whole world, Charleston. I have already made a couple of trips downtown to take photos and enjoy long walks soa...

October 19, 2018

Hello y'all!

I would be lying if I said life has been easy breezy the last couple of weeks. October has been a season of change and adjustment, with helping my parents move into their home and just settling into this new chapter, but with that, I have found some new thi...

August 23, 2017

Hello Y'all!

I am so excited to finally share another piece of the apartment tour with you! It has been a little while since the Balcony Tour back at the beginning of July. and I hope the rest of the apartment was worth the wait! One of the most important places in the...

August 17, 2017

Hello Y'all

Have you ever made a mistake? Okay of course you have but making mistakes is a beautiful thing! 

Several weeks ago I was doing a load of laundry and without thinking I placed my new, well new to me, vintage shirt in the washer. Sadly, the green pipping b...

June 5, 2017

Hello y'all,

Starting this post by apologizing for another blue and white ensemble. I can't stop myself!

Last weekend the Beau and I took a road trip to a jam packed weekend split between Myrtle Beach and Charleston with my parents. And oh man it was an amazing time! It...

March 14, 2017

Hello Y'all!

Last week the weather started to feel like Spring here in Birmingham but then out of no where had to go to the back of the closet in search of some warmer clothes. Now I can't complain at least I am not stuck in a North Eastern snow storm...in March! What i...

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